PRIMP Agency


BOOK A PRIMP SQUAD (up to 20 artists) Deposit


PRIMP Agency is a top notch booking agency providing licensed/certified hairstylists, make-up artists and photographers on-demand. Currently serving the East Coast from Orlando to NYC, we staff from two to two dozen artists on-location for productions, projects, publications, pageants and personalities.


1. Submit your Hair Team and/or Make Up Team needs below or contact PRIMP Agency Director via phone or email (334-390-0221 [email protected])

2. Secure your booking on our calendar with a $40 deposit. (or agreed upon deposit, if different)

3. Receive confirmation of the terms of your booking.

3. Agency artists (and director, if needed) report to your requested location ready to PRIMP.

Please confirm your Name, Number, Email and the nature of your request.

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