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Congratulations on setting up your Professional Photoshoot with the fashion and beauty pros of PRIMP Agency!  What to bring and what to expect is listed below.

1. Have your face and hair clean and dry.

2. Bring 2 or 3 of your favorite outfits... we will style you accordingly between what you bring and what we bring.

3. Unless otherwise specified, expect for your PRIMPed Out experience to last 2.5 to 3 hours tops.

4. We will be shooting with all professional hair, makeup, styling and photography for your very own themed, glammed up, PRIMPed Out experience!

5. You will receive professionally edited photos of your PRIMPed Out self within 8-10 days of our photoshoot via electronically or disc if you prefer.

Congratulations again!  Enjoy your resulting photos and enjoy the experience of being Professionally PRIMPed Out!

PRIMP AGENCY 2017 Policies :

If a PRIMP Agency-produced event is cancelled all money will be refunded with proof of purchase unless a natural disaster has resulted in the cancellation. All other deposits/payments are nonrefundable unless otherwise specified. You will receive a printable receipt and immediate confirmation after your purchase. Thank you for choosing PRIMP Agency!

PRIMP Agency 2017

Please state your Name, Contact Number and Email and state any requests you may have (i.e. photoshoot theme).

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